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----------------David filming an EMPEROR DRAGONFLY Anax imperator (a long time ago!)


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·         A gallery of David’s photographs available for purchase at high resolution from the Avalon/PhotoshotNHPA Agencies may be viewed at: http://www.photoshot.com/search_frame.jsp?submited=1&&&page=search.jsp&no_providers=1&no_orientation=1&no_extras_options=1&sorting=sort_rel&h_cid=&p_cid%5B0%5D=&al=1&srcIn=&from_date=&to_date=&keywords=b3432+b3875&search_method=0&isid%5B%5D=4&cid%5B0%5D=ALL_C_ED&cid%5B1%5D=&rnd=1syOcuHO.


·         Photographs are also being marketed via the AgeFotostock Agency at: https://www.agefotostock.com/age/en/Search.aspx?author=David+Element.






                                            A RED FOX Vulpes vulpes feeding from the photographer's hand



Broadband communication enables copies of original photographs or low-resolution film clips to be forwarded without any loss in quality using e-mail for small numbers of images or WS-FTP software (a remote URL will need to be provided) for larger quantities, higher resolution images or video material. Still photographs can be supplied as compressed high quality j-pegs by return e-mail and converted to/saved as TIF files using Adobe Photoshop on receipt if necessary. This should enable good quality image reproduction at a large enough scale for most uses. Please read COPYRIGHT ISSUES: © David Element for further information. All materials will be supplied for one-time reproduction purposes only. These digital files must not be copied or stored in any form without the express prior permission of David Element.






·         Little new material has been added recently due to time-pressures from other projects, in particular the editing and uploading of numerous wildlife videos to YouTube at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFfP_L5WKGGl4iVcf-srBdg?view_as=public. A recent modification has been the adoption of the current Gill & Donsker (2012)/IOC international English names where these differ from the current English vernacular names as these have been designed to prevent confusion in cases of overlapping, a good example of this being the distinction between American and European Robins. These names have been updated for the list of Common Names but they are not necessarily employed on older existing pages. At the moment the best place to find David’s new photographs is on Twitter where David has a gallery at: https://twitter.com/davidelement1. David can be contacted via Twitter if required.



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