The Artwork of Richard Lewington


This beautiful picture was used on the front cover of the Collins Field Guide ‘Butterflies of Britain & Europe’ ISBN 0-00-219992-0


Richard Lewington lives and works in Oxfordshire. He has illustrated many wildlife books, specialising mainly in entomological subjects. He is particularly well known for painting butterflies, moths and dragonflies to an exceptionally high standard and his accuracy and attention to detail are extraordinary. This single image epitomises the quality of his prolific output. Every part of this picture is faultless and all four species are instantly recognisable to any field naturalist who has observed them. It is a great privilege to have been allowed to reproduce this painting here.

More details about Richard's work may be found at: Site Announcements/Terms and Conditions for Use of Material. References for some of the books containing Richard's illustrations have been given on subject-specific pages elsewhere on this web site.

Richard's own brand new web site may be found at: and users of this site are strongly encouraged to follow this link and to take a look at his work in detail (and hopefully buy some!). Richard may be contacted at:


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